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Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a key feature of the Board 10 basketball officiating organization that pairs new officials with experienced ones in order to provide guidance, teaching, and support. New officials are matched with mentors who have extensive experience and knowledge of the game of basketball and are dedicated to helping their mentees develop their skills and grow as officials.


Through the Mentor Program, new officials receive personalized guidance and feedback on their performance on the court. They have the opportunity to observe their mentor in action and learn from their expertise. Mentors also provide support and encouragement to their mentees, helping them to build their confidence and develop a strong sense of professionalism.


The Mentor Program is a valuable resource for new officials who may be just starting out in their officiating careers. By working closely with experienced mentors, they can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and grow in the profession. The program is a testament to the Board 10 organization's commitment to providing its members with the resources and support they need to excel as basketball officials.

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