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Connecticut State Board of Approved Basketball Officials  

Founded in 1926, the Connecticut State Board of Approved Basketball Officials (CSBABO) serves as a central authority responsible for supervising, regulating, and ensuring consistency in rule interpretation and standards of conduct for high school basketball officials in Connecticut. The creation of this state board was driven by the goal of fostering unity within the officiating community and implementing a standardized approach to the sport across the state.

Image by Kylie Osullivan


Prior to 1921, officials in Connecticut registered directly through the National Office and there was little
interest in whether an official was approved or not. There were no chartered boards in the 1920-21 Guide.
However, the following men were listed from CT:

          Adrian Brown, Richard Dillon, George Hayes – Hartford; Peter Carney – New Haven;
          Leonard Nixon – Simsbury; Ernest Cummings – Washington; F. Danaher – Waterbury; Fred Porter -


John Kelleher and Leonard Nixon coordinated a meeting of officials on February 6, 1921 at the Hotel Garde in
Hartford. A charter was eventually granted in the name of Central Connecticut District Board on July 15, 1921
with territories of Hartford County and the following cities – Middletown, Meriden, Wallingford, Rockville and
Winsted. Richard Dillon was the President.


After the formation of the Central Connecticut Board, interest grew rapidly all over Connecticut. On May 15,
1923, a charter was issued to Fairfield County District Board with their first president Alexander Leverty from
Bridgeport. On April 30, 1925, New Haven County received a charter with their first President Peter Carney.
The Eastern District Board charter was not completed until the spring of 1929.


There became constant bickering among the three district areas and the need for a state board became
evident. Application was made to the National Committee for permission to organize a state board and in
1926, this organization took form. On April 13, 1926, Dr John Brown – Chairman of the Officials Committee
representing the National Rules Committee, wrote the representatives of the various districts and called a
meeting at Hotel Taft in New Haven on April 29, 1926 for the purpose of organizing a state board. The
meeting resulted in a constitution and election of State Board offices as follows:


          President – R.A. Leckie – Fairfield District

          1st Vice President – L.R. Nixon – Central CT Board

          2nd Vice President – C.E Woodman – Eastern District
          Secretary-Treasurer – J.E. Coogan – New Haven District


The district Boards evolved further as follows:
          Central Connecticut District – Hartford, Litchfield and Middlesex counties.
          A Litchfield County local board was formed under the jurisdiction of the Central CT District Board.
          Fairfield County District – Fairfield County
          New Haven County District – New Haven County
          Eastern Connecticut District – New London, Windham and Tolland counties

Source – Don Lomme files.

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