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The International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO) is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting and developing the art of basketball officiating. Board 10, who joined in IAABO in 1925, is located in Connecticut and responsible for overseeing  basketball officiating in New Haven County.


As an organization, Board 10 places a high value on the qualities that make a great basketball official. These qualities include a deep understanding of the rules, the ability to maintain control and composure in high-pressure situations, and the capacity to communicate clearly and effectively with players, coaches, and other officials.


 Board 10 emphasizes the importance of ongoing training and education for officials to help them stay up-to-date on rule changes and best practices in officiating. Additionally, the board encourages officials to strive for fairness, impartiality, and consistency in their calls and to maintain a professional demeanor both on and off the court.


Overall, Board 10 seeks to promote excellence in basketball officiating by upholding high standards for the skills, knowledge, and conduct of its members. By cultivating these qualities, the board aims to ensure that basketball games are officiated fairly, consistently, and with the utmost professionalism.

IAABO Officials’ School

IAABO Officials’ School 2024
Albright College, Reading, PA

June 28-30, 2024

July 26-28, 2024

SCC Girls Championship Game 
at Quinnipiac University

Click Here to Find Out How to Become a Board 10 Basketball Official

Interested in Becoming an Official?

There are many reasons why someone might want to become an official with Board 10. For one, officiating basketball can be a challenging and rewarding experience that allows individuals to contribute to the sport they love.  Additionally, officiating is a great way to stay in shape while earning extra money.


Board 10  provides a supportive community of fellow officials who share a passion for the game and a commitment to upholding high standards of professionalism and fairness. Ultimately, becoming an official with Board 10 is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the sport of basketball while developing valuable skills and building lasting relationships with others who share a love of basketball.

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