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2020-2021 Rule Changes

2020 Refresher Exam

2020 Refresher Exam Rule References

​Many of us have been officiating long enough to remember when the season started in November and if you were fortunate to be selected for the state tournament, the season ended in mid-March. It now seems that basketball never ends for players, coaches, parents and officials. Basketball has become a year long sport. More games are now played during basketball’s off-season then during the regular season.

If you choose to officiate games in the off-season, if done wisely, gives officials an opportunity to work on improving their game. Prior to your summer schedule starting, take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and work to improve or refine these attributes of your game. Pick one or two things you want to apply each time you officiate. Trying to improve on too many things at one time is not productive as concentrating on only a couple of things.

While it is very tempting when working 3 or 4 games to take shortcuts and develop bad habits by not rotating and switching, using bad signals and not working hard to get into proper position. Maintain and continue to reinforce your IAABO “good habits”. Continue your IAABO in season mechanics during your off-season games. You will find consistency and improvement in your officiating abilities.

We also need to ensure we are physically at our best. As the season becomes never-ending, our fitness, health and wellness must be ongoing as well. Remember to use the regular season to stay in shape not get in shape. Maintaining a good off-season workout regimen will ensure good health and help to eliminate early season injuries. 

Have a great summer season!

Ray Vanacore