Board 10 

New Haven

The American Cancer Society is grateful for the dedication of IAABO officials to the fight against cancer!  During the 2015 – 2016 season, New England IAABO board members generously donated over $139,000 to help fund research and provide services to assist those with cancer!

A big thank you and congratulations to Lou Levine who was once again the top individual fundraiser for the campaign raising a very impressive $83,000! Lou’s dedication to the fight against cancer is amazing and is a perfect example of the impact IAABO officials are having on those affected by the disease.

This year, IAABO board members will have a new way to submit their donations through the Officials vs. Cancer website. Each IAABO board is listed on the website. Board members register under their board’s number. Once registered, members can submit donations on-line through the website and also have the ability to send out e-mails to family, friends and co-workers to let them know about the Officials vs. Cancer campaign. Members can easily track their donations, and see the combined total their board has raised.

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IAABO Board 10 is a basketball officiating organization dedicated to the education, training, and continuous development of our members.  We provide and maintain the highest standard of basketball officiating for Connecticut while encouraging fair play and sportsmanship.  We welcome any official, coach, player or other interested person to browse and enjoy our website.  feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the basketball officiating profession.


New England IAABO Boards Make the Call to Support  American Cancer Society in a BIG WAY!